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Rainbow Loom Bands Australia

Rainbow Loom Bands Australia is an independent, authorised Rainbow Loom® stockist based in Sydney. Our aim is to find the latest, cutest, prettiest and coolest loom band accessories and rubber bands and make it easy for Aussie and Kiwi kids, teens and parents to grab at our convenient online one-stop-shop. We strive for fast shipping, reasonable prices and prompt, friendly & reliable service.

In the digital age we live in, gadgets and video games in kids’ and teens’ lives often replace traditional arts & crafts, sports and face-to-face social interaction. We have seen the Rainbow Loom® products bring hours of joy to our own children, our friends’ children, our nephews and nieces, and many of their young friends. Not only does it encourage healthy socialisation with other kids, it helps engage and challenge the creative side of their developing brains also.

How it all began…

It all started one day when one of our teammates, David, a loving father of 2, was looking for a gift for his 8 year old daughter’s birthday. He walked into a toy store during his lunch break and asked the storekeeper for suggestions. Immediately, the storekeeper showed him a loom band kit (not the Rainbow Loom®) which was the latest kids’ craze and David immediately bought one.

When he gave it to his daughter, Maddie, she was overjoyed as her friends were already ‘loomatics’ and she began looming rubber band bracelets for hours on end. Several days later, much to his shock, David noticed that a few of the pins on the loom had snapped, leaving several sharp edges. Maddie was no doubt disappointed when her favourite toy was taken away from her for safety reasons. As we all discovered, the generic loom band kit that David bought can be purchased from factories in China for less than $0.50 per unit.

David immediately began his online search for a replacement product and read many reviews. He came across the Rainbow Loom® by Choon’s Design, LLC, and was convinced by all the positive reviews that it was the best possible replacement loom for his daughter. The next day, he called at least 15 stores before he was able to find one which had it in stock.

Driving an hour to get to the store and another hour and a half back home in traffic, it was all worthwhile to see the big smile on Maddie’s face when she saw the Rainbow Loom® kit. Maddie’s Rainbow Loom® has survived many packs of rubber band refills and has undergone months of heavy use!

However, after resorting to ordering online from the United States for rubber band refills and Rainbow Loom® accessories and waiting weeks for parts to arrive, David suggested that we get them in ourselves and make it easier and cheaper for all parents to find these products. Hence, the Rainbow Loom Bands Australia store was created.

The Fenix Group

The Rainbow Loom Bands Australia store is operated by Fenix Group Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned business based in Sydney trading since 2007. The Fenix Group aims to supply safe, high quality and hard to find products at great prices to Australian customers, retailers and businesses.

All stocked products, such as children’s toys and safety products, have been extensively researched and rigorously tested before they are sold to the public.

Please contact us if there’s anything we can assist you with and we wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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